Director AIPEH Miami at International Association of Hispanic Poets & Writers (AIPEH)
I met Jose Cintron during a book presentation at the Ana G. Mendez University. He is the author of Small Business, Entrepreneur and Multi-Level—a book that provides valuable information to business owners and independent professionals so they may start up their businesses and implement online marketing and social media strategies. Mr. Cintron’s articles regarding current trends in the market are very interesting and innovative. Mr. Cintron display ethics, passion for his career, and a genuine enthusiasm to work with people. -Business Recommendations
Treatment Coordinator/ Marketing at Miami Lakes Cosmetic Dentistry
I recommend Jose Cintron for SEO and Social media, which is an amazing tool in today’s society. Mr. Cintron works very close with his clients; he follows through and is committed to helping individuals, as well as big companies grow efficiently.
I have known Mr. Cintron for a few years and he has always been a very professional, caring and knowledgeable individual who strives to attain the highest goal.
I highly recommend Jose Cintron, if you will like to enhance the productivity in your business, or personal growth whether it is a business plan you are working on or would like to be found on all Search Engines. I recommend you to contact Mr. Cintron. For any further recommendations please send me an email request. Thank you
President/CEO at Soft Point Technology- IT Consulting- Managed Services, Cloud Services
This letter is my personal recommendation of Jose Cintron. I have known Mr. Jose Cintron for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and enthusiasm.
Besides knowing Mr. Cintron I have also had the privilege of doing business with him, Jose is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
I highly recommend Jose Cintron. He is an excellent person and would make a tremendous impact for your business.- Business Recommendations
Managing Director-Operational Manager-Project Manager
Jose has an excellent personality and great attitude. He is an excellent business presenter and great in LinkedIn and social media marketing. Jose is an honest person with an excellent work ethic, team work and communication skills. He offer great value service to increase your ROI. He can help you in your internet marketing needs. -Business Recommendations
Community Outreach Specialist
Jose Cintron, is really a dedicated professional, an excellent instructor as well as a reliable colleague. Its has been a pleasure to work with him on various projects.- Business Recommendations
Business Consultant and Business Professor at Ana G. Mendez University System
Mr. Cintron is a results oriented MBA professional. I highly recommend him, as he has always demonstrated an excellent level of business knowledge, ethics and integrity. – Business Recommendations
Vice President at New Media New Marketing, Inc
I have known Jose Cintron since last year. He is one of our students at New Media New Marketing, Inc. Jose Cintron is a person who likes to learn and take action. He always has a positive attitude and is very friendly and willing to help people. I highly recommend Jose Cintron to do business with. You will have an asset for your business.- Business Recommendations
Marketing, Social Media & PR Executive. Public Speaker & Trainer.
Jose is an enthusiastic MBA professor at Ana G. Mendez University System, passionate about his students’ success and their development in accounting and management. He brings professionalism and charisma to the classroom to inspire them to learn and grow. Business Recommendations
Invoice Factoring, Account Receivables, Loans, Capital, Cash Flow, Factoring at Cash Flow Solutions
Cintron is a valuable online marketing consultant asset to have in your corner, when you begin the process of building your business in the social media space. Jose is talented, educated and creative in providing tools that always bring value to your business. I can recommend him as a LinkedIn’s marketing expert and profile optimization. – Business Recommendations
Library Director, Cataloger, Librarian, Teacher Librarian, Media Specialist, Pianist and Music
I have worked with Jose Cintron at Ana G. Mendez University System. Jose is a very enthusiastic professional who has passion for helping his students and coworkers to improve their skills and increase their knowledge in the business world. He is very responsible and demonstrates a high level of integrity, ethic and knowledge. You can learn more about his expertise in his last publication: “Small Business, Entrepreneur and Multi-level”. – Business Recommendations
I have worked in the field of customer services for over 10 years, in a variety of areas.
Jose Cintron is an excellent professional and motivator, I met him in the class of ACCO 350 at SUAGM which ended 12/08/2011. During these 5 weeks, he taught me everything about Quick Books Pro 2010 and I learned the importance of this program for accounting today. Professor Cintron is a person who likes to teach and share his knowledge with others so that we achieve our goal of being an excellent professionals.
Thanks Professor Jose Cintron for teaching me to be better professionals. Attn: Fernando R. Sánchez. Student of Bachelor in Business Administration in Accounting at Ana G. Méndez University System. – Business Recommendations
Speaker, Author and Trainer.
Mr. Cintron is an enthusiastic individual, knowledgeable in diverse business areas. I recommend him as a capable and responsible business coach and consultant. – Business Recommendations
Real Estate & Business Consultant
Jose was a great teammate, he has the ability to discipline and focus when the projects are assigned. I am sure that in his new role as CEO of Advance Business Consulting, he will get great satisfaction when his clients have more than what they expect of him. Good luck!!!
Professor-Branding | Strategic Communications | Political Communications | Consultant | Speaker
I met Professor Jose Cintron during the hiring process at SUAGM in Miramar, FL last year (2010). I was part of the hiring committee. As a committee member it is my challenge and responsibility to recommend the best candidate for the job. Mr. Cintron was applying for a business and accounting professor position. His Social media marketing presentation, attitude and communication skills during the process allowed me to recommend Mr. Cintron for the position. Currently Mr. Cintron is a business professor at our school, successfully teaching bachelor and master degree students. – Business Recommendations
District Head of HR USA South at Panalpina
I had the opportunity of working with Jose Cintron at Casino Princesa. There are three things that stand out for me from my experience with him; integrity, commitment, and passion. Jose was regularly observed easily dealing with valuable yet difficult customers and finding ways to exceed the customer’s wants and expectations. His above par integrity is unquestionable and his passion for being in service and finding win-win solutions a trademark of his character.- Business Recommendations
Customer Service Supervisor at The Isle Casino
I worked with Jose for few years at the Westin Rio Mar. He was the casino manager. As a manager he was very knowledgeable of the business and he thought me a lot. I was one of his shift managers and he was always willing to teach and help us in any way that he could.
Jose was a very detail manager and always on top of things. There were times when his leadership was very important at the casino. That made a big difference for us, because it show that he could lead in times of duress and difficult times. – Business Recommendations
Teacher- Jewelry by Silvie- Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Sales, Jewelry Classes, Weddings, Anniversary, Swarovski & Beading Classes-
Jose was hire to lean this Casino operation and He sure did. He was very responsible, knowledgeable, focus, goal oriented and concentrated in cost reduction, training and customer service. – Business Recommendations
Safari Account Executive at Adventure Consultants
Jose is a professional in every sense of the word. His accomplishments speak for themselves, In addition to all of his skills and effectiveness; he is someone who is willing to listen to the needs of his clients. Jose can be trusted as a partner, trusted adviser, and ally in business. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jose should consider themselves fortunate.- Business Recommendations
Managing Director at TPC
Jose is a total professional that understands what is truly necessary to optimize your business presence online, he demonstrated his expertise in Social media, internet marketing and SEO bringing us results that surpassed anything we have tried before.
To this end I thoroughly recommend Professor Jose Cintron if you are totally serious about gaining an edge in business /online business over your competitors.
The outstanding results we gained after hiring Jose for our business optimization speaks for itself. – Business Recommendations
Regional Sales Manager
Jose is a super-sharp consultant who has a deep expertise in internet marketing as well as business coaching. He has great leadership skills and I hope to have a chance to work with him at some point in the future.- Business Recommendations
Workforce Specialist-Refugee Program
I worked with Jose cintron in autos4less Inc. for a couple years. Jose was very dedicated to his work, focused, organized, knowledgeable, and goal oriented. José was a pleasant business owner. I recommend Jose for any project or venture.- Business Recommendations
Managing Partner at VICTIUS GROUP LLC
Jose was an excellent student; he is a self-starter, highly motivated and very intelligent person.
Very far above average, he would be a great asset to any team situation.- Business Recommendations
I am privileged to write in support of Jose Cintron as my accounting teacher at SUAMG; during the time in class I witnessed his tremendous effort to teach and share his knowledge and experience with all the students including myself.
Jose Cintron since the beginning shared with patience his easy way to understand the accounting field and how to be use in our daily basis; the fact that his is bilingual it was a great tool to assist those that speak Spanish to clarify concepts and formulas.
As a professor managed his time in class with group’s activities and situations under the strict deadlines, also recognized the importance of a teaching in ethic, persistence, and intellectual environment. I do really thank and recommend his passion for showing that accounting is not that hard to work with. – Business Recommendations
Recent Graduated, Marketing, plus visual merchandiser, men’s store at bloomigdale’s
Dear Mr. J. Cintron
On behalf of the student Alejandro Leon, I am very honor to endorse you as one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers in the campus, in the accounting department. I had the opportunity of been your student and your passion for motivation and inspiration at the workshop shown the dedication into the role of facilitator. Plus, Mrs. J. Cintron is definitely considering one of the most valuable pieces at the faculty, in the Ana G. Mendez University Systems, South Florida.- Business Recommendations
Jewelry by Silvie- Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry Sales, Jewelry Classes, Weddings, Anniversary, Swarovski & Beading Classes-
I met Jose in 1983 at InterAmerican University. We took a class together. I realized right away that he was intelligent, ambitious, and kind. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be the mother of his children. He was and still is responsible, committed and still together after 26 years.
★ The Social Media Marketing Business Network | ★ @ ★ |
Jose has an array of business and leadership qualities that will definitely increase your bottom line and online sales. His strong suites include accounting, great business consulting, exceptional social media marketing skills and Geo location optimization. I highly recommend him.
Acquisitions at Trump International LION™ Connector
I am cautious about the praise I give. Jose Cintron is the real deal. If you want to learn to improve your business, you have to study with Jose. The learning happens at a minimum of 3 levels:
1) You learn skills and gain knowledge that are essential for success.
2) You learn to think about business and about your role in it differently (and more effectively)
3) You gain insight into the way a truly successful person (in the wide sense of that term) approaches business, problems, personal responsibility and growth.
Jose Cintron’s knowledge and experience are unparalleled in business teaching and his integrity and passion are clear.