Starting a New Business?

There is no better feeling than opening your very own new business. People become business owner for many different reasons, despite missing the perks that can come working for others: steady check, steady schedule, a couple of days off a week, a forty-hours work week, pay vacation days, fringe benefits and not having to bring your job home. However, some people believe they can do better. They don’t feel happy working for some one else.  This site is for you. Hablo Español

Did you know that more people than ever before are self-employed or starting their own new businesses? Self-employment is one of the fastest growing sectors of the South Florida economy. Selecting the right organization type for your brand, entity or organization has enormous personal, legal, financial and tax implications. Whether you choose to be incorporated, have a partnership or LLC, the business organization you choose determines the income tax form needs to be filed. It is important that you make the right decision the first time. We can explain each choice and its implications. As a part of the process we set your corporation with state of Florida, we process and obtain your Employer Identification number (EIN) and we do the preparation and filling of statutory documents and corporation minutes.

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • C-Corportation
  • Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Incorporations
  • Partnership
  • S-Corporation
  • Business Plan
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Development
  • EIN
As your business grows and changes, the type of business entity you choose may need to change also. We can help you from the start up process. Visit our business consulting page or see my book available in Amazon “Small Business, Entrepreneur and Small Business”.

Our business consultants can help you setup your new business venture by creating the best business organization for you, taking into consideration your goals, industry, legal implication and financial and tax implications. We can assist you in register and manage your new business;

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